MATT Title 24 Acceptance Test

Air Conditioning with Absolute Efficiency Group

Acceptance testing is the process by which a field technician verifies the installation and operation of newly installed equipment or construction elements of a nonresidential building. As a certified MATT company, Absolute Efficiency Group ensures that installed equipment, controls, and systems in nonresidential buildings operate as required by the Standards and that the building owner and occupants receive the desired energy efficiency benefits. Call us today if you are in need of our services based on the following requirements.
What are the Title 24 Requirements for Mechanical Systems (HVAC) *
All newly constructed nonresidential, high-rise residential, and hotel/motel buildings or additions served by at least one HVAC system (newly installed or replacement of an existing system) will require at least one of the mechanical systems acceptance tests.
Exceptions: (1) Any existing and unaltered HVAC or water heating system serving a new addition. (2) Systems serving healthcare facilities.
Alterations: Any new or replacement space conditioning components will require mechanical systems acceptance testing. Exceptions: *Does not apply to replacements of the following if they are equivalent or lower capacity:
1. Electric resistance space heaters for high-rise residential apartment units.
2. Electric resistance space heaters when natural gas is not available.